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Árborg Municipality was created by the unification of Eyrarbakki County, Sandvík County, Selfoss and Stokkseyri County in February 1998 and is the largest municipality in South Iceland.

The municipality assigns plots of land for real estate and operates services relating to infrastructure, apart from electrical utilities and fibre optic cable. The municipality provides basic services such as the management of schools, social services, swimming pools, libraries, facilities department, etc., for the municipality’s residents. The municipality also operates the Department of Sports and Recreation, Tourist Information Centre and Department of Cultural Affairs.

Within Árborg Municipality are three elementary schools. Two are in Selfoss and one in Stokkseyri and Eyrarbakki which is divided in two; younger classes in Stokkseyri and older classes in Eyrarbakki. There is a total of six preschools. Four in Selfoss, one in Stokkseyri and one in Eyrarbakki. Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands (South Iceland College) and Háskólafélag Suðurlands (University Centre of South Iceland) are situated in Selfoss and provide services for most of South Iceland but are not administered by Árborg Municipality.

The municipality’s sports, cultural and recreational affairs have a vibrant and growing scene. Varied opportunities are available in each community and sports and recreational facilities are constantly being improved. Árborg Municipality provides parents/legal guardians of children ages 5-17 that have a legal residence in Árborg with a leisure grant for participation in sports and leisure activities.

There is also a lively cultural scene. A special events calendar is published every year listing all the main events along with other event programmes for different festivals, such October Culture Month and Christmas in December. Numerous festivals are held in Árborg year-round attracting domestic and foreign visitors alike.

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